Friday, March 27, 2009

Lose Yourself

Why fear the unknown? Why fear the heights? Why fear death? Why fear loss? Why fear embarrassment? Forget the world, do what you do best, live your dream however silly it may seem. Dare to say NO. Dare to face your enemy. Dare to appologise and Dare to say I love you.You know you're good. You just assume the opposite. Who cares what they think.Who gives a hoot what your partner thinks. Wake up, quit the damn cigarette, quit the alcohol. join a damn gymn. get new wardrobe. dump your annoying partner. Tell your mum you've grown up. Tell your bestfriend he's a pest friend. leave everything, everyone. take your life in your hands, start afresh. Find yourself... Be somebody.

Friday, March 20, 2009

the curious case of sanki at nighttime

i am going to drop dead any moment...drop sleep, nonetheless. been awake for 40 hrs straight, and in that period i was traveling in a sleeper compartment of a train during a journey that took me 38 hours to complete. i was also making arrangements for the art exhibition that was due the next day (today), drinking beer. drinkng more beer with friends atop the highest building of the campus (dept of fuel and mineral engg's water tank which is situated above the 5th floor. now that episode is interesting in its own right. we snekaed into the building, laden with beer and grass, around the closing time of the department. we managed to reach the top of the building, our haven, without any incidents. and we happily drank our beer and smoked our weed. however, it was when our time to leave the building when the problem arose. the buggers had locked it up! at first we rejoiced. being locked up in the building we did quite crazy stuff...along the lines of things that a person does when he is locked up in a building. we didn't not panic though, not yet. instead, we re-arranged the interior of the building. flower pots shifted. banners exchanged. chairs and tables stacked atop each other. and other random stuff along the same line of action...though some cannot be told! this is when panic struck. here we were. locked up in a foreign building, waiting to be shot like a fish in the barrel. then one of us had this crazy idea. i think it was me. but anyway. one of us had spotted a tall bamboo ladder attatched to the southeren face of the building. it went from roof to all the way to the bottom, well almost. but thatis inconsequential. however there were some minor problems. a: it was made in the manner of those used by construction workers. so it was shaky. and quite loosely attached to the building by thin jute rope. the bamboos themselves were thin and looked doubtful of supporting our weight. not even mine (the lightest of the lot). b: the distance between one step of the ladder and the next was bloody 7 feet! so we had to literally hang on our hands so that our toes barely touched the next step, drawves that we are. so inebriated as we were, we climbed down. the other alternative was certain death. in a manner of speaking, of course. we climbed down 5 stories, with no harness to protect us. nothing but our hands and feet, mind was already out. you are not supposed to look down when you are climbing down 5 stories via a shaky makeshift ladder. and survived. with minor cuts and brusises which we didn't mind then (but which became a terrible pain the next day (today)). our sense of adventure did not stop here. we got more weed. and we had a car at our disposal...  

to be continued.  

PS: it was written yesterday in the gallery. i was too tired to post it and i slept for 13 straight hours.