Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mid-sem Blues II

It’s funny how the world appears to you, the way you are feeling at any given time. Right now the world is a hard, cold place. Nothing is right. I failed. Again. Agreed that nearly everyone did badly in the mid-sems, but that’s hardly an excuse for me not doing well. There’s something wrong, and I know what that is – I have stopped caring, and stopped working. This is a very bad sign. To think that only till last semester if there was one thing that never gave me trouble was academics! Never mind. I shall not go on cribbing about how everything around me is unpleasant. It is not. The problem lies within me, and I shall solve it myself.

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Ankita Kumar said...

That's the thing with feelings right? It takes a moment, one trigger, one sign to start feeling good again. And what's lost, comes back just as quickly...cheer up, life ain't that bad. Marks hardly show how much potential you have!