Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Simple Joys

Without getting into preliminaries, i'll just state what comes to my mind...feel free to make additions:

1. smell of rain on dry ground
2. morning coffee while listening to shiv kumar sharma
3. long, leisurely walk with your friends after dinner
4. sitting by a river, lake, or a sea
5. reading sunday newspapers
6. lying in arms of your mother
7. pink floyd
8. walking bare feet on dew covered grass
9. looking at the stars on a clear night

10. Looking at the gulmohar trees in spring
11. Sleeping on the cool country grass in summer under the stars
12. Running the senior cross country with your best friend
13. Standing on a peak and taking in the panoramic view
14. Getting wet in the rain
15. Taking a walk in a zephyr
16. Buntiks and house drinks after boxing workouts


jaina said...

buntikks after boxing workouts!!

Anonymous said...

1.getting liberation after a month long exam.
2.watching movies inbetween the exams.
3.having long island tea.

Ragini said...

silver skies!!
meetin loved ones!!
cool breeze on a hot day!!
middle of the night and the chirping of crickets!!

Anonymous said...

1. quietly sipping milk tea while listening to heavy metal
2. walking on the shore at dawn