Saturday, January 24, 2009

events of the night of 14th january and the mornming of 15th january

last night was crazy and i am still feeling as if the world is going round in circles. it started at 6 in the eve. got 2 liters of cocktail. equal portions of vodka and pomegranate juice with some ginger and lime
there were 5 of us. later, the same set went and had 2 beers each. then we realised one of us was born on that day, which meant whisky. lots of it. which also meant a lot of stupidity.

at three in the morning there i was, in front of the girls' hostel lying on the road with two of my friends and a bike. the chap who was riding it decided to do a wheely with 3 of us sitting on it. it went a teeny bit higher than he had anticipated. it was bloody full 90 degree lift! and you can't balance a bike which is standing straight on it's rear wheel with two other people on it, let alone trying to do that drunk. so we fell. and bruised our elbows. And also busted the silencer of the bike. which made it sound like a bullet. anyhow, we got more whisky (the reason we had taken out the bike in the first place). doing something like 80 kmph on a bike that was sounding like a bad record and had no brakes. someone also slapped the guard of the girls' hostel. someone had dared one of us to do that.

we came back. to my room. and decided to listen to mohd. rafi. there is certain quality to mohd rafi that only surfaces when you are reeling under the effect of alcohol. you actually start believing in what he sings we believed we were a bunch of junglees (remember yahoo! chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe...?). and behaved like them - jumping on top of each other, dancing to the song and generally laughing to death. all this jumping and dancing had made us sweaty (remember, it was the middle of 3 in the morning) so we decided to come out for a breath of fresh air.

my room's on the 2nd floor. and we got dared again. this time to jump on to the roof of the hostel mess, which is 10-12 meters down from the balcony. i was about to jump, but then decided i am not drunk enough. but we did stand on the railing, drunk as we were and peed on to the ground below. more revelry continued....along the lines of above narrated program. we ran out of water so we started taking whisky shots. more slapping. and then i decided i need a fag and some tea (i was planning to attend lectures in the morning). so this chappie and i went to the railway station. again doing 80 kmph. no breaks. this time on a busy road. our feet froze, so did our entire body. we were brainy enough not to wear anything warm and go in our bathroom slippers. anyway we went, had our tea and sutta, got stared at by every passerby (including a policeman) and came back. by the time we were back, the other 3 bastards had gone to sleep. but we decided to go for the lectures anyway. it was about time too. so we went, smelling badly of alcohol...and sat in the second row (we never sit in the second row) with the entire hall spinning in front of us.

prof was teaching something about 8086 chip. and the ladies in the front row kept looking back at us. i have a feeling they could smell us. so there we were, in the second row. with only 15 people in the class. and trying bloody hard not to laugh. which was hard, particularly for me, for my friend there was banging his head on the desk. one thing bad about alcohol is that it makes you believe in yourself. so we started giving proxies for all our friends, shouting yes sirs at the top of our voices. which was not a good idea considering the thin attendance at the lecture. we were lucky the prof didn't catch us. at the end of the lecture we decided we are in no shape to attend lectures.

a: we hadn't slept the night.
b: we were up getting ourselves drunk as any fish had ever been
c: we were still inebriated.

we all had a feeling we were gonna die but we went back to the room and finished off the remaining whisky anyway. we made life hell for our neighbours, but i don't think they complained. they were treated to free live entertainment. thankfully no one got killed except for the silencer of the bike which didn't belong to us anyway. it was a senior's. throughout the day we were cursing ourselves and drinking water. haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. and i still feel a bit wobbly. not gonna touch alcohol for a long long time...but there's a party tomorrow. sigh!


Rashi said...

Did u copy and paste our chat?

puneet said...

i did :D but not before making some subtle changes...and correcting the grammar :P

Ruchira Sen said...

Good grief! You are going to die. Please don't get arrested. I'm too broke to come to Dhanabad and bail you out.