Thursday, October 08, 2009


ok. i shouldn't be doing this. but i am high. grass makes you so. and i have been stupid enough to be rolling joints in the middle of my exams...nah. i don't have a paper tomorrow. hence this. state of mine. you know there might be truth in the phrase "don't drink and drive but dope and fly". i feel like i am 10 kgs right now... you must be thinking. here is a chap. who was all prety sane when he last corresponded. what could've happened in all this time? aha! but you are mistaken. rememeber curious case of sanki at nighttime? by the way you become very smooth when you are high. not only in your movement but also in your action. all this while i did not once use the "backspace". it is true. your senses become very strong in a state of high....trance...perhaps this was the reason for budhha's nirvana...i don't know. i am blabbering shit. i should go back to pink floyd and not bother you anymore. so long and thanks for all the joints (i am a geek and so is my humour. live with it)


Ruchira Sen said...

I like the 'thanks for all the joints' bit but Puneet dear, don't smoke up so much! (It's illegal btw so you should remove this post, unless it's a fictional piece, which of course it is.... :))

puneet said...

yes ruchira. this is a fictional piece :P i really don't smoke up this much.
ps: marijuana is not illegal. one can keep certain amount on one's person provided it is a small amount and is for personal consumption.