Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Attitude Matters

Life is full of unexpected sufferings. Even so, if you can live through that, you can live through anything. When you look fear in the face, you stand to gain in strength, courage an confidence. Isn’t it up to us to forge the path to a fulfilling and an enjoyable life? If you have the depth of faith to regard everything as a source for creating happiness, and add value to your existence, you will surely find contentment. Conversely, if you view everything in a pessimistic light, your life will surely be plunged into darkness. According to the pundits the most important ingredient for a successful and fulfilling life is having the right attitude.
Look around you. You will find that all the successful people are those who keep on trying and never give up. Failure does not make you a loser, quitting does.
Though Brutus regarded ambition a crime, I think it to be a virtue. Ambition has been quite the driving force for most people who have tasted success in life.

The greatest danger,
For most of us,
Is not that our aim is
Too high
And we miss it
But that it is
Too low
And we reach it.

One thing that I’ve noticed amongst us is that we tend to worry too much and take unnecessary tensions about events that have already happened. What has had to happen has already happened and there is no way we can change that, not unless we have a time machine. Shouldn’t we instead learn from our mistakes and not repeat them? I personally don’t think it is wrong to make mistakes. But it is foolish. Extremely foolish to repeat them over and over again.
They say that if you take a path that hasn’t been tread upon, you may stumble. So what? At least you will be a pioneer.
You should have enough courage and ambition to face difficulties. To the weak, difficulty is a closed door. To the strong, however, it is a door waiting to be opened and new horizons discovered. The choice is yours. Difficulties impede the progress of the weak. Fro the strong, they are opportunities to open the door to a brighter future. Everything is resolved by our will, our attitude. You can train a new recruit, but you can’t instill attitude.
Having the right attitude can help you scale the highest peaks. By the way, everyone knows who was the first person to scale the Mount Everest or walk the moon. Do you know the second person to do so? I don’t either.

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