Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Death. The ultimate calm. The time when everything merges into oblivion. Indeed the time stops. It is the freedom from this world. Death is the truth, while life is an illusion. Death is nirvana. However, all things said and done, there is no afterlife – no heaven, no hell or purgatory. Everything there is, it is here on the earth. It would be absurd if it were otherwise. The whole purpose of life would be defeated. We are just a complex macro-molecule residing on an ordinary planet, revolving an ordinary star in this vast universe. How can we so arrogant so as to assume that any part of us can be so special so as to be eternal? Yes, if you apply the law of conservation of energy then you may claim that we always existed and we always will. But then, it would not be same as residing in heaven or hell.

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clauzech said...

I disagree with you
There is a purgatory...coz i got the
purgatory fire on me....
The soul lives forever and is immortal.