Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I hate my college. I hate the shallowness that prevails here, all the chatter about fraternity, love, respect, honour, dignity. I hate the seniors the most, who don’t know how to treat a human being, let alone knowing the meaning of these words. They are still ragging us (understatement) – and it’s been six months since we’ve joined the college. Name me a college in India where this happens. You know (ruch, dax, richa di, or whoever is reading this post) you are better off than I am. And dax thank your stars that you didn’t qualify in jee and land up in this asylum, instead you got into Miranda. Studies ain’t that great here. In any case, what they teach in an engineering college in India is a junk (profs claim that). So what really matter are the experiences you earn, opportunities you make use of, friends you make and people you interact with. And if these be the stuff one goes to college for, then all of you are at an advantage. Remember the names of your batchmates and seniors. Report to the senior hostels at their whim. Attend all the junk events that take place everyday (almost) Why? Because that is what makes ISM alumni association so strong; it grooms your personality. To hell with that! I was never made to memorise the names of the Doscos (I don’t think anyone was). Is it just remembering a few thousand names that makes one old boy society strong and the other weak? But for a handful of friends, I’d sure have considered it a hell. But I didn’t know these people before I came here. So it really wouldn’t have mattered had I gone somewhere else. I know one thing for sure – I wouldn’t send my son here, and I wouldn’t have anything to do with this godforsaken place once I graduate.

Ps: I just wanted to cool down a bit. I’m not depressed. I’m not on drugs. I’m angry, thats all.

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Daksha said...

come on now puneet! cheer up. though i wonder why you say that engineering in india is crap. what they give u in books are basically guidelines, and the way you wish to study it and whose guidance you wish to take is upto you. and tell your senoirs to stuff it (go, boxing champ!!) heheheh. jokes apart, one doesnt really need to get involved emotionally with an institution-school was something else.
people eveywhere have different notions as to what 'fraternity, love, respect, honour, dignity' are all about. miranda wasnt really what i had in mind(IT SUCKS!!!!!), atleast you have some mad brilliant profs (some atleast??)
and neither you, nor ur prof can convince me tht engineering in india's crap! so there. go listen to floyd, have vodka, chill with some brilliant ppl and come up with bizzare theories. and hard work is a part of it. so dont avoid it. (dont think you will, thts something tht i do!!)