Sunday, February 18, 2007

More headbanging

This was even better. Booze and rock all night long. Literally. There were college bands competing in the last round of ‘the rockers’, but they were nothing less than any pro. I forgot all my pain when they started playing numbers by iron maiden and ac-dc, and of course metallica. And what a place I chose for myself to stand – beside the speakers! I was leaning on them! And I could feel the music – the beats and the bass. It was an unbelievable experience. The single best part of the cultural/tech fest that we had over the last three days. And I am looking forward to more concerts next year, but before that I hope to make it to the ‘rendezvous’ – the IIT Delhi cultural festival. I LOVE ROCK!


Yasha said...

I just wowed at your standing position, and I'm trying to decide if being thrown around in the pit is better or worse. Concerts are fun!

puneet said...

both are equally good! initially i was in the pit with the crowd jumping on and around i decided to move next to the speakers to get some breathing space.