Saturday, January 26, 2008


ai'm sure you've noticed that come 26th january or the 15th august and everyone is suddenly playing patriotic songs (they are also heard blaring from the loudspeakers). there is a sudden surge of patriotism in every indian, almost. but i can't help but wonder at the emptiness of these gestures. if you are patriotic, you should [i]do[/i] something for the country, rather than shout out your feelings. there was a parade in my college this morning. i was asked whether i'll go or not. i gave an honest answer - if i wake up, i'll go. the person was infuriated and labeled me unpatriotic. i asked a simple question. if, during the placements, schlumberger (one of the leading oil companies of the world) offers you or those of you who are going for the parade a job, who will decline? schlum usually employs people in foreign soils. so taking the job means leaving the country. most of the people who say they are patriotic will take the job (no one has declined schlum till now in my college).

i love my country as much as anyone of you. but i don't believe in blank show of it. i listen to patriotic songs when i want to, but usually it is not on the afore mentioned dates. i also know one thing. i won't leave my nation and waste the resources she has bestowed upon me on XYZ. patriotism doesn't mean going to the parades. it means respecting your country and her citizens.

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