Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random works

The Fall of Adam

Morpheus' Musings


Reclining Matron

Mother and Daughter


Moulding defragmentation said...

they are so beautiful!!
I want I want I want the first one!!!
greedy me :P
I love the first one.
but wait a minute. why is the third one not named? And I know whose poem insipred that :P
they are good. brilliant. keep painting

Yasha said...

Fall of Adam: so good!

Yasha said...

You ever looked at any of Vik Muniz's work? I went to a gallery where it was put up, and it was very inspiring. its all online at, and try the gallery, 2006 Pictures of Junk collection. My fav. is Narcissus and Junk, but there's more!

Yasha said...

and I have the strangest feeling I've told you about Vik Muniz and Pictures of Junk before. Man I'm lame. Forgive me, but I can honestly say his is some of the most inspiring art I've seen, and I'm eager to share.

Ruchira Sen said...

I love 'Summer' and 'Reclining Matron'. Teach me to paint like you.