Monday, March 17, 2008


The dark black shadowy night, stretched tightly over deserted streets and empty doorways, stuffed between alleys, almost touching bumpers of parked cars, glittering dark black in the eyes of the lost people standing on December highways, silent between hosts of industrial sirens, riding with psychopaths in the accelerating cars, rattling in the purses of street-side vendors, interleaved in the papers of the lawyers defending serial killers, breathed into lungs with angrily puffed cigarettes, trampled under the feet by walking no ones, hanging by weak threads over social holocausts, is alive and on the horizon there is a tinge of vermilion.


Moulding defragmentation said...

I love this painting. its too good :)

Julia said...

this is so lovely with the passage paired below. i think you have quite a skill for abstract images. i love the one two posts up streaked with yellow and red, with what looks like legs or some kind of limbs outlined in black, and also "reclining matron" down below. very nice!

puneet said...

thank you both :). i am experimenting with abstract images. that gives you more freedom with colours and forms. but i also like realism equally as much. i am not painting as much as i'd like to, what with college and exams. but am planning on spending the summer with my paint brush.