Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reducing your carbon footprint.

Here's how:

  1. turn off the electrical devices when not in use – lights, tv, dvd players, computers and don't leave them in stand-by. They continue to consume power in that mode.

  2. Cut down on the use of heaters and air conditioning. It is stupid to be wearing shorts inside your homes in the middle of winters and sleeping in quilts in summer. One way could be switching them off at night before sleeping once the room has cooled down enough in summers or warmed up in winters.

  3. When doing laundary, make sure your washing machine is filled to full load. Do it once a week if you have to. This will save electricity as well as water.

  4. Use pressure cooker for cooking. Cover the pans with lids. Heat up only as much water in kettles as required.

  5. Travel less. Do your weekly shopping in a single trip. Car pool. Use public transport when possible and walk or cycle to the public transport station. For short journeys walk or cycle. Ask your employer if it is possible to work from home once a week.

  6. Buy energy saving electrical appliances. They may be more expensive to buy and install than regular appliances but they will prove economical in the long run.

  7. Use fuel economy cars and bikes. Turn off the engine at red lights. Try to Drive at a constant pace and don't brake or accelerate often. Maintain a good tyre pressure.

  8. Don't buy bottled water if tap water is safe to drink. Install a water filter at home other than relying on bottled water.

  9. Buy fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and are in season. Transporting exotic varieties and varieties that are not in season leads to consumption of energy directly. And indirectly as a result of storing them in cold storage.

  10. Follow the 3 R's – reduce (your consumption) . Reuse (materials that has once been used, like a plastic bag or bottle). Recycle. Try not to consume use and throw products.

  11. Cut down on use of paper. Read newspaper online if you can. Don't print your emails unless necessary. In fact don't print anything unless necessary. Use electronic medium as much as possible. Like that idea ad!

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