Thursday, February 11, 2010

a thought

this is a view of a mayan pyramid which was lost in the forests of mexico. the civilisation existed merely 1000 years ago and this same spot was site to over 50000 strong human city. now barely the remains of that great civilisation exist. in its place has spawned a dense tropical forest. the rise and fall of the mayan civilisation might be an important event in human history, but not for the earth. this same spot has witnessed something much more dramatic. some 65 million years ago a meteor struck our earth at this spot which was instrumental in wiping out the entire population of dinosaurs. but there is no sign that tells us that such an event took place, not to an untrained eye. and even the paleontologists had to really scratch the surface to discern that. the earth is more robust than we think she is. so is life. she has witnessed more destruction and worse calamities than the present climate change. and she can deal with everything that we throw at her for she has something that we don't - time. we can cut down all her forest, burn all the available resource of fossil fuel, fill her atmosphere and land and seas with toxic wastes, wipe out entire populations of wildlife and yet she will take only a few lakh years to repair the damage that we do her. and new species will evolve to fill the fresh environment. only, we don't have that luxury (of time). we should protect our environment not for the sake of earth and our fellow living beings, but for ourselves. earth is more than capable of taking care of herself.


wildflower said...

a thought profound..
well written! :)

Ruchira Sen said...

I agree